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Resignation Letters are an important part of the corporate sector, which are written by an employee while resigning from a job. So here we have provided you with some of the best resignation letter examples for various purposes. It is especially important if you are resigning from an important position in the office.

The purpose of writing a resignation letter is to inform your manager in person about the reason why you are resigning. It also lets you inform him about your last working day, notice period (if any), etc. Since it is the letter you write while leaving the company, you should keep the tone formal and keep it respectful. A well-written resignation letter helps establish a professional connection with the company even after you have left the company. So here you can find a wide variety of professional resignation letters which you can use to write a compelling resignation letter. You can download these templates in PDF or Word format and edit them according to your choice. So if you are planning to resign from your workplace, you can find a template for resignation letter here and provide the reason for your resignation.